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Job Opportunity

Job Opportunity
Senior scientist, Oncolytic virus
Sep 29, 2020
Senior scientist, Oncolytic virus
major responsibilities:
  • New platform setup;
  • Mammalian cell culture, sorting, and other assays
  • Novel drug modality selection by cloning, library display and selection
  • Experiments design, deliver results on time, and make update/summary timely
  • Work with colleagues to ensure data quality, efficiency/timeline
  • In addition to follow company compliance policies, work on the platforms/projects to practice good Lab Notebook writing
qualifications requirements:
  • Molecular Biology, Immunology, Oncology or related background;
  • Master with relevant background, working experiment is preferred but not must;
  • Familiar with RNA&DNA extraction, Molecular cloning, mammalian cell associated technologies, experience with display technology is preferred but not must;
  • Self-motivated, fast learning ability, trouble-shooting skills.